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By | October 26, 2019

Today I am going to talk about Waptrick. Waptrick is an online platform you can use to download all your favorite music, games, videos, wallpapers, themes, animations, sound effects, and applications. Read on to grab more update about this platform.

Waptrick - Waptrick Games - Themes - Waptrick Live Wallpaper - Application - Song Lyrics - Photos and Pictures


Waptrick is one the easiest platform you can use for downloading. The platform does not charge its users a high cost of data before you can download it from it. On some websites, you have to sign up or create an account with them before you can download them. But the one waptrick is not like that, you don’t need to sign up before you can download or access the platform. That makes the platform to be free.

You can find a lot of amazing things on the platform and how you can download from it. I am going to be talking about the amazing things and how you can download them. Like I have said before that you will see a lot of things like themes, videos, music, wallpaper, and more.


I know most everybody knows what game is all about. So am not going to tell you what game is all about but how you can download the games and the kinds of games you will see on the platform. There are a lot of categories of games on waptrick namely Arcade games, kid games, action games, racing games. Also, you will find movie games, classic games, casino games, and XXX games these are the category of games you will see on the platform. And you can download them, is very easy to download games on waptrick, not like other sites.

How to Download Games on Waptrick

Before you can download games using the waptrick platform you have to be connected to a service or network. Below you will find the step that will guide you through;

  • Open your web browser on your device and click on the search bar.
  • And visit the web URL, Waptrick.com.
  • Then scroll down and click on the game button right on the home page.
  • And click on the category of game you want to download as I said before action, racing, or arcade games.
  • You will be directed to a page that you will see all the games in that category which you have entered.
  • Click on the game and click on the download link of the game to download it to your phone.

This is for games on how you can download games from waptrick to your phone. Note that you can’t install these games on your computer or laptops because the games are made for mobile phones only.


The theme is a beautifying effect that gives your device beauty and attractive. They are also categories that you will see on this part of the waptrick. In every category, they are different types of these effects. There are so many categories of themes on waptrick. And also, social and funny themes, outer space, sports, symbols, zodiac signs, and more.

How to Download

  • Go to the waptrick website home page and click on themes.
  • The link will direct you to other categories of themes that you will like.
  • Then click on the category of themes you want like celebrities, landscapes or animals.
  • And choose the kind the theme you which to download and it will take you to the download page.
  • Click on the link that says download attached to the theme’s name to download the theme.

Waptrick has made searching easy for me and you by providing a search box or bar at the top of the screen. To make searching easy for its users.

Live Wallpaper

Do you know what is live wallpaper or what it is used for? A live wallpaper is just like the theme, but they are different from one another. Themes do not display but live wallpaper is a background theme that displays or changes when you apply it to your device. And how can you download it? you will find the answer to this question below this article.

Live Wallpaper Download Steps

  • Visit the home page of waptrick at Waptrick.com.
  • And scroll down to live wallpaper, click on it and tap any of the categories of live wallpaper you want to download.
  • And all the live wallpaper in that category will appear on a new page. Click the one you love to download.
  • Then click the link attached to the download to install it on your phone.

You can download any type of live wallpaper, by clicking on the category list or live wallpaper or you can as well search for the names using the search bar.


We all know what application is about. That application is what we can download. They are a lot of application you can download. Example of applications, Facebook is an application and also a website platform, WhatsApp is an application. Dictionary is also an application, google translator is also an application and more. Application is software that can be used on our devices.

How to Download an Application on Waptrick

To download an application on waptrick you need to access their platform by visiting their website. And move to where you can see an application. Click on it and it will take you to a new page that view all the application category. You will be directed to other categories under the application, categories like phone and SMS, antivirus and security, social and funny, and more. Click on the one you want and you will see all the applications or apps in that category you click. And tap download to get the application or app.


We all do like watching videos or movies on our devices. Waptrick videos take you to the other side of the site where you will see all kinds of video categories like sports, cartoons, funny videos, animal videos, music videos, and more. You can watch a lot of videos or download them into your device. But you have to follow a few steps before you can download waptrick videos.

How to Download

Right in the home page click the videos below. And you will be turned to a new page, in this page, they are so many categories of videos you can download on. If you want to download funny videos you have to click on the funny button. And it will give you all the videos in that category, then tap the video and click the download attached to the name of the video you wish to download. In no time the video is downloaded into your device.

Sound Effects

There is nothing much about the sound effect, just that sound effect is effect gotten from animals, birds, guns, musical effects, and more. you can also download the sound effect to your device. And you can also use this effect as your calling tunes and message tunes on your device.

How to Download Sound Effects?

To download this sound effect is the same process as the ones we have to been talking about in the article above. You just have to click on the sound effect button on the waptrick home page. Then select the kind of effect category that you want. And you will be taken to a new page to choose another category, which means if you click on an animal, it will take you to another page about animals. So, you just have to follow the steps one after the other before you can download the effect. Note they are other things that you can download on the waptrick platform.

Photos and Pictures

We all know that photos or pictures are images of something and it can be a photo of someone or and animal. And there are so many photos on waptrick. These photos and pictures can be used as your device screen wallpaper photo to help beautify your device. You can download aminal photos, celebrity images, vehicles, sports, nature, national flags, city, and so much more of them. Under all the listed categories that I have mentioned here, there are other categories under each and every one of them that you will see.

How to Download

There is no need for me to say much about how you can download photos or pictures from waptrick because I have already talked about it before. What you just have to do is to visit their website and then access the photos and pictures category. After that, you will then see all the category of different photos or pictures just as I have mentioned lately. As you choose your category you will also find other categories of stuff under the one you have chosen and look for the type of photo or picture you want to download. Follow the steps after clicking the kind of photo you want to download and the last thing to do is to click the download button and that is all.

Song Lyrics

This is another thing that you can see or download on this platform, song lyrics. I have come to think of this thing sometime back. As at then, there was a song that I love so much so I want to learn the song by looking for the lyrics. Why am I saying these things, I know that there are some people out there that are also looking for song lyrics just to learn or understand what the song artice is saying. Do you know that you can search for lyrics of songs on waptrick, this is how you can search for lyric on waptrick.

How to Find Song Lyrics on Waptrick

Go to the website and then scroll down to song lyrics link. Click on the link and then search for the song name or click on the alphabet that starts the song you are looking for. You can also search for the article name if you do not know the song’s name through the help of the keyword box that you will see after you might have clicked on the song lyrics category. Click on the search tab and wait for the page to load.

After that, you have to look for the song on the result page and then click on it. You will see the lyrics of the song that you are looking for on the second page but note you cannot download the lyrics. The only thing you can do is that you can copy the lyrics of that song and paste it somewhere on your device where you can see the lyrics on your device.

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