Legit.ng – News Website – How to Access Legitimate Website

By | October 19, 2019

Who can tell me what Legit.ng is and what it is known for? Is there anyone who can tell me, well is there is nobody who can tell me that means you guys have not heard about it before now. To your notice, I have come up with the same topic which is the title of my today article.

Legit.ng - News Website - How to Access Legitimate Website

Do you know that there are lots of things going on now all over the world today but most of us do not know about that? Let me be the one to introduce the easiest way you can news of what is going on in the world today.


Legit.ng or legit is a website where we as citizens of a country can get news of what is happening within our country and our country. This platform is capable of showing all kinds of news you are looking; this platform is ranked as the number 7th overall website that is visited in Nigeria although it is a Nigeria website. It was ranked by Alexa, legit.ng is the largest publisher on facebook by the audience in the media category. It is known to be the Nigerian digital media and also a news platform that brings news to the public.


The full name of this platform is known as legitimate and that is how it was shortened to legit. There are different categories of news on this platform, you can get the latest news, news about sports, Hausa news, news on politics, gist, and also celebrity news.

The website is so wonderful in the aspect of entertaining the masses with news all around the country. The reason why I said it is wonderful, is that not everybody that will come back from their workplace tried and will still go-ahead to listen to the news.

Rather, you can just pick up your mobile device and visit their website and every part of the country have light to switch their Tv set on to listen to the news. I will end it here today, maybe when we meet again, we will discuss more forwarder. Now let see how we can access the website.

How to Access Legitimate Website

The steps below will be the one to direct you on how you can access the platform.

  • Access your mobile device or computer and open the web browser inside it.
  • Then visit Legit which is their website.
  • When you get into the platform, you will see the categories of news that I have mentioned earlier.
  • Click on the category of news that you want to read or listen to and that is all.

When you get to the website, you will see how wonderful the site is and you will enjoy it.

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