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By | October 23, 2019

What I will want to discuss with you all in this article is about Cricket Quiz. I am sure that every one of us that is present on this website today knows about cricket is. If you are here and you have no idea of what cricket is, there is nothing to bother about because you will learn so much about the topic above as you go into this article more deeply.

Cricket Quiz - Online Quiz Websites - Cricket Quiz App

Cricket Quiz

Before now, we know that cricket is a sports game in which someone will throw the ball to the other person holding a wooden pad. And that person will use the pad to hit the ball, and they are also other people who are expected to catch the ball. But in this term of cricket quiz is not about the sport but it is about a quiz consigning the sport. The reason why I come about this article at this time is that there are people that do not know about the cricket sport game. For them to get little memories about cricket is through the help of a quiz. When you do a cricket quiz, it helps you to increase your sports knowledge about cricket. There are so many platforms where you can access quiz games but I am not going into that now. I am going to list them out for later on as this article is consigned.

The cricket quiz also has an app that you can download in other to access quizzes consigning cricket sports. But it is a mobile device app and if you want to use it on your computer or windows system, it may not work and for it to work you need to download the bluestack app into your windows or computer device. The bluestack app can be download from the bluestack website, their website is

How to Download the Cricket Quiz App

To download the app is not what you should find so difficult to do. You just have to access your app store on your mobile device. Then carry out a search by clicking on the search bar on the screen and type in “Cricket Quiz” on it and search. The app will appear on the next page then click install or download link for the app to download into your device. After installing the app but in some cases, you don’t need to install the app, the app will automatically install itself if you are downloading the app from the google play store on your mobile device.

This game contains lots of different questions and they are somehow difficult because you need to crack your brain before you can answer the questions on it. And you only have thought about the answer that you want to give which means that you are not given time to answer questions. It also has three different types of a game level, it has the one with a simple quiz, time quiz, and hard quiz. In the time quiz, you are expected to answer questions within seconds and ones that time counts down and it is over you cannot answer that particular question anymore rather you will be taken to the next question.

Online Quiz Websites

Like I said there are different kinds of online quiz websites where you can use to access a cricket quiz. Those are the websites that I am going to be listing down here for you guys below this paragraph.

  • We have Allthetests and it is an online site for a quiz. You have to visit the site and then click on the categories link above the screen. And then click sports. After that, you will be taken to a new page and you need to click “Cricket” below. Now you need to click “Cricket Quiz” or any of the quiz topics there and then you can start answering the questions there.
  • We also have Howstat and you can find a cricket quiz when you access the website. you just need to click on the “how STAT Quiz” at the left corner of the screen below. When you click on it, it will load a new page. Choose your category and click start.

These are the websites where you can find quizzes consigning cricket and you can get more websites if you search for “Cricket Quiz” on google and all the websites link where you can find a cricket quiz will be given to you.

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