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By | March 21, 2020

The Babbel Chinese is not one of the courses offered for the Babbel language learning app. Babbel has set up some other language for their applications if you have decided to learn Chinese as an alternative. Generally speaking, I like Babbel’s courses. People used Babbel for other languages, and they have never checked to see if they have a mandarin course. Since the starting of the website, in the world today people have tied out over different resources for learning Chinese online. But there is no Chinese course for Babbel.

Babbel Chinese

Table of Content

  • Babbel Chinese.
  • Reasons there are no Babbel Chinese Courses.
  • Some Alternatives Means for learning Chinese.
  • Rocket Chinese.
  • Chineseclass101.
  • Italki.
  • HelloChinese.
  • LingoDeer.

Babbel Chinese

Babbel Chinese is a course on the Babbble app that is used to teach language courses online. Chinese is not a language course in Babble. They looked into creating one and realized that in order to do it well, it would take an absurd amount of work.

Reasons there are no Babbel Chinese Courses

Babbel has no learning platform on Babbbel Chinese courses because learning Chinese is different from every other English language. Chinese Mandarin is a tonal language. This means that the intonation you give to a word changes the meaning of that particular word. Chinese is a totally different language from others, but it is not as bad as most Asian languages such as Japanese. Not to talk more about the writing system that uses characters instead of alphabets. Babbel online course/app has more than one million users across the world and is an effective way to learn the basic but most vital parts of a foreign language.

Generally, the Chinese language differs from the English language. Chinese is a tonal language; this means that the inflection you give a word. Literally the tone of your voice changes the meaning of the word.  

Chinese Language

In fact, China is home to 56 ethnic groups who have all played a role in shaping Chinese many variants. Below is the list of Chinese languages:

  • Standard Chinese.
  • Cantonese (Yue).
  • Gan.
  • Hakka.
  • Min.
  • Wu (Shanghainese).
  • Xiang (Hunanese).
  • Mandarin.

Above is the list of the language spoken in China.

Some Alternatives Means for Learning Chinese

There some alternative ways for Learning Chinese courses instead of using the Babble Chinses app. And below is the list of alternatives:

Rocket Chinese

This platform is built around recorded audio in the form of dialogues of Chinese learning. Each dialogue has the English explanations and they usually teach the Chinese language in phrases vs. individual words. The course also offers a separate category of lessons which focuses basically on teaching grammar through the example phrases.


Although the lessons are audio-based they come in the form of a podcast. The Chinese101 offers a high range of Chinese courses that will help you with the Chinese language.


Italki is an online market place that connects different language teachers and learners. On the site, you can book for individual language lessons with any available teacher on Skype.


It is well designed, fun and good. The free version contains a lot as well and has some features that will help in learning any language you want to learn online. The HelloChinese still offers a wide range of Chinese courses on its platform.


LingoDeer is a newer and popular language learning app that initially started its focus on Asian languages but it has been expanding to accommodate other languages too. In their approach, it is similar to HelloChinese.

With this article, you will be able to learn how to study your Chinese Language.

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